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Book face-to-face or telephone appointments with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you.

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The appointment system for a GP or Nurse Practitioner

You will be offered a telephone triage appointment with a GP or Nurse Practitioner. You can book a telephone triage consultation appointment with a clinician of your choice by phone or online. Clinicians will return triage telephone calls to patients at a pre-agreed time in order to establish whether their problem is one which can be dealt with over the telephone without the need for them to attend the surgery.

If you are not phoned within a reasonable period of your appointment time, please contact the surgery.

If you need to attend the surgery, the triaging GP or Nurse Practitioner will determine the most appropriate clinician for you to see.

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how to book an appointment with our gps

Triage Appointment Booking

There are 6 ways to book a triage appointment:

  • Automated booking line - Phone 0151 424 4098 from 12.01 am. and press 1 to follow the simple booking instructions on our automated booking system. 
  • Appointment line - Phone 0151 424 4098 from 08.00 and hold the line to speak to a receptionist.
  • On-line - Patients with internet access can visit our on-line services Patient Access
  • Via the NHS App
  • In-surgery - Visit the surgery from 08.00 a.m. and speak to a receptionist.
  • eConsult - We have introduced a new service called eConsult.  This allows patients who are currently registered at the practice to consult with a GP electronically, and offers alternatives to calling or coming into the surgery for common, more minor problems.

Preference of practitioner  

You may express a preference for a particular Clinician, and we will endeavour to meet this request. However, this is not always possible especially with an “On the day Appointment” and GP’s working hours. Should you wish to see a preferred clinician then it may result in longer waiting times for the appointment.  


The appointment system for a nurse

Due to the many different types of nurse appointments available please contact the Practice by telephone so that we can book you into the appropriate type of appointment.


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