Register with us as a New Patient




Changes to registration during Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients are asked to register without coming into the practice. To register you will need to complete our online registration form.


New Patient Registration

The Practice’s list is open and we are happy to accept new patients living in Widnes.  If you move out of the area, you will be requested to change Doctors. Registering as a patient is quick and easy with only two brief forms to fill in.  

Please contact a member of the Reception Team on 0151 423 2990 for a new patient registration form and pack or complete an online registration form.

You may be offered a ‘New Patient Medical’  this is an important method of getting to know about you as a new patient.  We will offer you the opportunity to discuss any health worries or issues with a Health Care Assistant.  If you are on medication you will need to be reviewed by a Doctor.  These ‘mini-medicals’ involve answering basic questions and some routine measurements such as height, weight and blood pressure. 

You will be asked about things that may affect your future health, for example, whether or not you smoke cigarettes/cigars/pipe and drink alcohol.  You may be given advice about measures you can take to improve your health and given information about some of the services on offer from the Surgery. 


Practice Boundary


Patient Responsibilities

  • You should recognise that you can make a significant contribution to your own and your family’s good health and well-being and take some personal responsibility for it  
  • You should treat NHS staff and other patients with honesty, dignity, respect and understanding  
  • You should recognise that causing a nuisance or disturbance on NHS premises could result in a prosecution  
  • You should provide accurate information about your health, condition, and status  
  • You should use NHS services responsibly.  
  • You should keep appointments at the surgery or any other NHS service or cancel within reasonable time. Receiving treatment within a maximum waiting time may be compromised unless you do.  
  • You should follow the course of treatment which you have agreed and talk to your clinician if you find this difficult  
  • You should participate in important public health programmes such as vaccination and screening  
  • You should ensure that those closest to you are aware of your wishes about organ donation  
  • You should give feedback – both positive and negative – about the treatment and care you have received including any adverse reactions you may have had  
  • You should keep you contact details up to date  
  • You should accommodate practice systems and initiatives such as care navigation 



Named accountable GP & Named accountable GP over 75

All practices are required by the Government under the terms of the latest GP contract to allocate all their patients (including children) a named accountable GP who will have overall responsibility for their care and support.

Having a named GP does not mean you can only see that particular GP. Patients will be informed of their named accountable GP when the register with the practice. If you wish to be told the name of your Accountable GP, please contact reception who can give you more information.